New Volvo XC90

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Volvo XC90 is all about a car which has been specifically designed for the comfort of the people so that they can drive around easily with a car that spills confidence.

Volvo XC90 has the latest technology however this will not be a hindrance to many as the technology used in a Volvo XC90 has been utilised in a user – friendly manner. Read further to know as to what exactly is this Volvo XC90 made up of.

Volvo XC90 exterior specifications

One is greeted with a 19’’ 10 – spoke alloy wheels along with the LED thorhammer active bending headlights. What makes Volvo XC90 stand – out is the front grille or one can opt for the R – design grille & finally those matt & silver colour mirror covers make the best of Volvo XC90 come forth.

Interiors of Volvo XC90

Firstly, a 9’’ centre console touch screen catches your attention & then slowly you are able to take in the rest of the amazing features such as cross brushed aluminium inlays, leather faced upholstery, sensus navigation, power driver’s seat has lumbar support, power operated tailgate, rear park assist, Apple’s CarPlay & 4 – way electric lumbar support.

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Engine specifications of Volvo XC90

  1. D5 PowerPulse AWD (235 hp) auto 7 seat

This diesel engine of Volvo XC90 is essentially twin turbo – charged with the PowerPulse & has 4 cylinders while the power train remains to be an all – wheel drive. The engine capacity is 1, 969 cc where the maximum engine power is 4, 000 rpm with torque @ 480 Nm apart from the maximum engine torque being between 1, 750 to 2, 250 rpm.

  1. T6 AWD (320 hp) auto 7 seat

Again this petrol engine has 4 cylinders along with an all – wheel drive & a turbo – charged engine. 1, 969 cc is the engine’s capacity while the maximum engine power is stated to be 5, 700 rpm with torque at 400 Nm. 2, 200 to 5, 400 rpm is said to be the maximum engine torque.

  1. T8 twin engine AWD (407 hp) auto 7 seat

The electric cum petrol engine is a 4 cylinder supercharged & turbocharged petrol engine with an all – wheel drive. 1, 969 cc is the engine’s capacity for this car; while the maximum engine power is said to be 5, 700 rpm @ 400 Nm whereas the maximum engine torque us 2, 200 to 5, 400 rpm.


Safety features of Volvo XC90

Safety is a priority of Volvo XC90 that is why one can find features such as the following in XC90 – city safety, pedestrian & cyclist detection, front collision warning, driver alert, full auto brake, lane departure warning, Drive – E, road sign information display & IntelliSafe.

Dimensions of Volvo XC90

The turning radius is 11. 8 m; while the other dimensions of this car is as follows 1, 776 mm H x 4, 950 mm L x 2, 008 mm W.

Price of Volvo XC90

Starting price of Volvo XC90 is $ 45, 750.

For more information on Volvo XC90, an individual can click on the following link to head to the official website of Volvo cars –

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