New Volkswagen Polo Specifications

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The Volkswagen Polo turns out to be a supermini car & one is beyond any question wonder struck with the way this Volkswagen Polo has been made as stylishness, comfort, performance comes together to give us a car that is out & out a winner. Apart from this, the Volkswagen Polo is sold in various variants such as hatchback / sedan or that estate trim.

If you are on the look – out to know the latest features of this Volkswagen Polo, then you will get to know in this article, the superb features of Volkswagen Polo. Keep reading this article to know more aspects of Volkswagen Polo.

Performance & engine specifications of Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo has manual 1. 8 L TSI 192 PS engine & the power can go from 60 PS to 192 PS. It just takes 6. 7 seconds to move from 0 to 62 mph with the top speed being 146 mph which even is within law.

Exterior designing of Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo’s exteriors include body coloured bumpers, wing mirrors, powerful & redesigned LED head lights, daytime running lights, chrome has covered the car to give that whole new look, strong grille. And this is the reason that one gets to see to complete different Volkswagen Polo.

Interior styling of Volkswagen Polo

Interiors of Volkswagen Polo can be defined as being flexible, ergonomic & premium. Aspects such as the following are in Volkswagen Polo a car & that are to be checked out – state of the art cabin, white instrument lighting, USB / Bluetooth adapter find their way in the interiors of Volkswagen Polo.

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Technology used in Volkswagen Polo

Technology is also one of the facets of Volkswagen Polo which makes it the best in class car. These aspects are none other than adaptive cruise control, direct shift gearbox / DSG, start stop switch to save fuel, parking sensors.


Storage features of Volkswagen Polo

Storage has also taken a different take in the latest addition of Volkswagen which is none other than Polo as the rear seats have been designed in a split folding manner while the boot is made up with variable load floors.

This in turn makes way for the rear space to be practical enough to have loads of stuff to be stocked up in a proper order. Essentially, the boot space is 280 L which can be further increased to 952 L & the credit goes to the split – folding rear seats which is stated to be standard across the Volkswagen Polo range.

Safety features of Volkswagen Polo

Drive your Volkswagen Polo confidently as this car comes packing with numerous safety features namely galvanised body, steel hinges, rear view camera, emergency city braking, driver alert system.

Price of Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo’s range starts from $ 15, 000.

In addition to this, if you are looking for further information on this car then you can click on the following link to be directed to the official website of Volkswagen cars –

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