Skoda Citigo Features, price in India

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Skoda came with a new hatchback car; Citigo is the one of the best cars in the market. Skoda Citigo has spacious interiors and designed in a modern way. This article will help you in knowing the features if Skoda Citigo, price in India.

Skoda Citigo Exteriors

Skoda Citigo Exteriors of the car has come with great features and has amazing looks with fine grille and headlamps of the chrome gives with a separate image. Various features include Xenon headlamps, rear wiper, trip meter, rear defogger, headlamp washer, and sun roof and auto headlamp. Body of the car has been stylishly and very kindly. Skoda Citigo includes bumper, door handles etc, car is expected to have 3.56m length and 1.6 m width and height of the 1.48m.

Skoda Citigo Interiors

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A Skoda Citigo interior helps you giving quality and spacious interiors; you can even adjust the height of the seat. You can see classy and perfect interiors and color tone is brilliant, they used good quality of plastic which is used as dash can be used for storage compartments it comes with included audio and stereo system looks.

Skoda Citigo Driving and handling

Skoda Citigo driving and handling has a higher faster and faster acceleration, it comes up with comfortable seats of the car and are very comfortable. Brake assist and the fancy sensor system of the Citigo is having limited speed and has a comfortable drive. Check for Skoda Octavia RS, Features, Price in India 

Skoda Citigo engine, power, performance

It has a new technology which is of multiple engine of 1L and engine of the car comes with two variants and has power, torque, pickup and acceleration and fuel consumption. Engine comes with Euro 5, 12 valves, 3 cylinder and displacement of 999 cc which will be quite effective. Engine will deliver maximum power of 44 kw/60 Hp to 55 Kw/75 HP.

Accurate power of the car will come to know after the launch, engine is assembled with 5 speed manual transmissions.

Petrol engine has 3 doors with a max power of 44/5000 and max Torque is of 95/3000-4300 and its pickup is of 14.4 seconds and its top speed comes with 160 km/h with a transmission of 5 speeds manual. If the petrol engine is of 5 doors then the max power is of 55/6200 and the max torque is of 95/3000-4300 and pick up of the car has 13.2 seconds and the top speed is of 171 km/h with a transmission of 5 speeds manual.

Skoda Citigo Accessories

Skoda Citigo Accessories of the car is integrated with audio and stereo of the system based on the 2 DIN shell. Accessories will be available from the company stock well.

Skoda Citigo Price in India

Skoda Citigo price in India come with a price expected to be Rs 4-5 lakh and the petrol model will go up to Rs6-7 lakh which is of top end version.

Skoda Citigo Launch date

Skoda Citigo is expected to launch in December 2017, comes with exiting features and price is of valuable.

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