New Renault Clio

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Renault Clio is a car that will make a person be moved rather than driven as this is a car that has taken inspiration from its surroundings.

Exterior specifications of Renault Clio

Renault Clio essentially looks like a coupe thanks to the hidden rear door handles. Besides this, this car makes a style statement with the 17 inch diamond cut alloy wheels & that statement lighting. What make Renault Clio high on style are the front end as well as the sporty rear shoulders.

Superb interiors of Renault Clio

Comfort is the priority of Renault Clio. It is a car that will help you to personalize a car the way you like it. Usually, the rear passengers do not have much space but with Clio, even the passengers at the back can drive in comfort. Safety is another important aspect that Renault is concerned about hence, one can be rest assured as the clear digital speedometer will guide you when you are driving this vehicle.

In addition to this, even the touch screen multi – media system comes with a lot of latest features.

Renault Clio’s storage system

Ergonomics besides a comfortable ride are the 2 words which have been the top – most concern of Renault Clio & this is the main reason that Renault Clio is made in such a manner that about 5 adults can ride in comfort in this vehicle. As far as the boot space is concerned then one would get about 300 L of boot space.

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The best part is that even the rear seats can be placed in a reclining position besides them being folded in order to increase the storage capacity.

Technology in Renault Clio

Media Nav & R – link are the 2 new multi – media systems that come attached with Clio. Individuals will be able to use these technologies & have a stress – free travel. Here all the credit goes to the multi – media system in place.

Safety features of Renault Clio

Safety is yet another aspect that can never be given a miss by Renault & the same is applicable to Renault Clio. There are times when we may drive on a steep slope, here the Hill start assist comes to your rescue.

Apart from this & in order to make driving a pleasant experience, Renault Clio comes packing with the automatic headlights & wipers, the electronic stability control / ESC, emergency brake assist, anti – lock brake system, cruise control, speed limiter, hands – free keycard, reverse parking camera & those rear parking sensors.


Engines of Renault Clio

  1. TCe 90 stop & start (unleaded petrol)

This engine has 90 bhp (horsepower) while the CO2 emission is 104 to 105 g / km & 60. 1 mpg. There is a 5 – speed manual gearbox.

  1. dCi 90 ECO stop & start (diesel)

Horsepower is 90 bhp with 88. 3 mpg & 82 g / km as the CO2 emissions; whereas there is an automatic 6 – speed EDC / efficient dual clutch gearbox.

Renault Clio’s price

The starting price of Renault Clio is $ 14, 743.

For further information on Renault Clio, click on the following link – to be directed to the official website.

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