New MINI Cooper S Specs

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MINI Cooper S can be defined as a small car which comes packed with loads of features thus making it to be a much safer, faster car having all the best qualities in place. Keep scrolling the page to know more about the MINI Cooper S & its features.

MINI Cooper S engine specifications, performance & other details

The engine capacity of a MINI Cooper S is 2. 0 L, in line 4 – cylinder engine (type), 6 – speed manual transmission, while the horsepower is 189 (hp) @ 4, 700 rpm & torque is 207 ft – lbs @ 1, 250 rpm. And as far as the fuel economy is concerned then it is close to 23 mpg in the cities while it is 33 mpg approx. On the highways.

The fuel tank capacity is 11. 6 gal & this engine has 16 valves. Moreover, one can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 6. 7 seconds.

Exterior specs of MINI Cooper S

MINI Cooper S impresses the people at one go & the credit for this goes to the redesigned front grille because of which there is a boast to the air intakes, 2 fog lights at the rear end have been wrapped around double exhaust tail pipes, restyled head lights as well rear lights, LED lights are optional, daylight running lights.

Interior specs of MINI Cooper S

On the inside, one can tell that this MINI Cooper S is a driver’s dream as the interiors of MINI Cooper S have been made in dark upholstery seats & that revamped dashboard. Both rev counter & speedometer have been placed right behind the steering wheel. One will also be able to see the MINI centre instrument that displays not only information but also entertainment stuff.


Safety aspects of MINI Cooper S

The all – new MINI Cooper S is stacked with a number of safety technology so that the risk of something going wrong is put away. The safety features of a MINI Cooper S include driving assist systems, city collision mitigation system, forward collision warning system, speed limit info, traffic sign memory recognize.

Apart from the above mentioned safety aspects, the following are also included such as parking assistance, video adaptive cruise control, numerous air bags have been placed all over the car so that the car turns in to a safety cell. This car also comes with the run flat tyres & that high tech steels which is of super high strength.

Dimensions of MINI Cooper S

The dimensions of MINI Cooper S are as follows 168 inch L x 71 inch W x 57 inch is the H. On the other hand, the curb weight is 3, 235 lbs to 3, 445 lbs, ground clearance is 4. 9 in while wheel base is 98. 2 in.

Price of MINI Cooper S

MINI Cooper S’s range starts from $ 27, 650.

For further information on MINI Cooper S, you can click on the official link mentioned here to be directed to the official website of MINI Cars –

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