Maserati Levante review in India

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Maserati Levante is the new SUV from Mesarti in India and it comes in two trim options such as GranLusso and GranSport. In this article we gave complete list of features of Maserati Levante along with price details of Levante SUV. Get to know interior aspects of Maserati Levante and exterior features besides engine specs of Levante in India.

Engine specifications of Maserati Levante in India

In India Maserati Levante comes with V6 turbo charged engine that offers power and a greater efficiency. This V6 turbo diesel engine has displacement capacity of 2, 897 cc with 250 to 275 hp whereas twin turbo V6 petrol engine comes with 2, 979 cc with 350 to 430 hp.

Moreover you can go from 0 to 100 kmph in 6. 9 seconds with the top speed being 164 mph. Power is 271 bhp at 4, 000 rpm while torque is 600 Nm at 2, 000 to 2, 600 rpm and mileage is said to be 8. 20 kmpl.

Other features of Maserati Levante

Finally Levante has automatic transmission and AWD drive train while fuel tank capacity is 80. 0. With such a combination of technological and luxurious features, Maserati Levante is one of the SUVs to check on the Indian roads.

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Interiors of Maserati Levante

This car has 12 – way power adjustment that is one of the best features. In addition upholstery comes in Zegna Silk Edition or in Italian leather, steering wheel comes in fine wood and is power adjustable. Controls as well as switches are close to you so there is no problem at all.

In the inside there is 7 inch TFT display, speedometer and rev counter has been fitted in leather finished binnacle.

Exterior specifications of Maserati Levante

On the outside you find coupe like rear section, two – part headlights, red brake calipers, rear spoiler among other aspects. 19 – Inch wheels welcome you as you settle down to drive this Levante from Maserti. Apart from all this Maserati Levante is an all – new model on Indian roads so you do not have to worry about whether you are driving in city or the other roads on the outskirts.

Technology issued in Maserati

LSD or limited slip differential is at rear axle, asymmetric locking feature provides 25 % lock up when under power but it is 35 % when released. These are best of the technology used in this vehicle.

Safety specs

Maserati made Levante in a manner that it has all the MSP or Maserati Stability Program features which are always checking driving status. Moreover this MSP is all about helping you out to drive safely and without trouble.

Some of the other safety features are anti – slip regulation or ASR, anti – lock brakes or ABS, electronic Brakeforce distribution / EBD and BAS or brake assistance system.

Maserati Levante price in India

In India Maserati Levante is said to be priced at Rs. 1. 8 crores and this price can go up to Rs. 1. 93 crores.

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