Land Rover Discovery Sport features, specifications and price in India

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Land Rover Discovery Sport has some of the best features that makes your driving experience go a level up. This 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport also happens to be a car that experts say as most versatile (multi – purpose) SUV. Besides there are other features making all new discovery 2017, a car to drive. So check out some of these amazing features of all new Land Rover Discovery Sport and price below.

Land Rover Discovery Sport engine specifications

The new Discovery Sport comes in two engine options and these are available for all its editions namely S, SE, HSR Luxury, HSE and First edition. These engine options differ in terms of being petrol engine and diesel automatic.

Discovery Sport diesel engine

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Land Rover Discovery Sport comes attached with 3 – litre TD6 diesel automatic engine that accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 8. 1 seconds. Engineers added great features to this SUV so that you get the best of all.

Some of these engine specs include maximum speed of Discovery Sport engine to be 209 kmph with torque at 600 Nm and power is 190 kW.

Land Rover Discovery Sport petrol engine specs

On other hand there is again a 3 – litre Si6 petrol engine which will take you from 0 to 100 km per hour in under 7. 1 seconds. The reasons for such a speed is that engine’s torque is 450 Nm besides 250 kW being power.

Further you can drive this beast at 215 kmph as this happens to be the maximum speed.

2017 Rover Discovery Sport exterior design

Compact yet spacious are the two words that perfectly describe the car. You also get to see a car that has smooth surface in order to make exteriors look even. Black is the king of colours as far as cars go and thus you get to see most of the car in black (only when you select it) and it is one of the best choices ever made.

As focus shifts to grille, roof, mirror caps, fender vents and all these come in black. To add style statement to the car you can see that there are gloss black wheels as well.

Land Rover Discovery Sport interior specs

While on the inside this car does not have any thing out of place and all things have been placed in the right manner. SUV Discovery Sport has 5 + 2 seating arrangement with optional third row.

There is also sliding second row though optional can offer legroom besides making more space during your travel. In this car you get to see that 999 mm is maximum leg room with towing limit being 2, 500 kg. About 1, 698 litres load space gives you an opportunity to add some more luggage for your journey.

Safety aspects of Discovery Sport

Safety is one of the most important things to Land Rover manufactures. That is why you get to see many safety aspects in Discovery Sport such as RTD or reverse traffic detection, BSM or blind spot monitor.

There is also wade – sensing feature that helps you whenever you enter water by telling you about depth of water. Engineers tested and made Discovery Sport for different roads so that you travel on all – terrains without any difficulty.

New Discovery Sport is a fuel – efficient car and it has all round visibility to make your driving a safer one. Rest of the safety aspects such as air bags, child lock safety assist are included in this car.

2017 new Land Rover Discovery Sport price in India

The all – new Discovery Sport from Land Rover starts at Rs. 56. 69 lakhs and Land Rover Discovery Sport price in India can go up to Rs. 61. 83 lakhs (ex – show room price). This price difference depends on the model you are going to buy.

The price difference in Discovery Sport is based on kind of accessories you have added as well.

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