New Fiat Tipo

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Fiat Tipo is yet another car from the house of car makers Fiat. Get to know as to what are the features of Fiat Tipo with this article.

Fiat Tipo is a car which has defined a new driving pleasure with the way it has been designed. It was in way back in March this year that Fiat Tipo made debut at none other than the Geneva motor show & is surely to be liked by the people around thanks to its amazing features which leave their imprints at the place they visit.

Design & exterior specifications of Fiat Tipo

With that tough & full width grille along with the high roof, Fiat Tipo happens to be an improved version of the earlier cars. And it is inclusive of the 16’’ alloy wheels apart from the LED daytime running lights.

Interior specs of Fiat Tipo

Interior has gone a step ahead of Fiat Tipo with many storage compartments (comes up to 12 L), 5’’ touchscreen infotainment system, steering wheel controls, automatic climate control, maximum space & comfort, door card as well as seat have matching upholstery, DAB radio, TomTom satnav, Bluetooth connectivity, automatic lights, automatic wipers & many other features.

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Engines & performance of Fiat Tipo

There are basically 5 engines in a Fiat Tipo which include 3 petrol & 2 diesel engines. The 1st one happens to be the 1. 4 L which has 94 bhp whereas there is another one, a turbo – charged 1. 4 L engine which comes along with 118 bhp & the 3rd petrol engine comes with 1. 6 L with 108 bhp.

On the other hand, a 1. 3 L diesel engine comes with 94 bhp while a 1. 6 L diesel engine comes with 118 bhp. 76. 3 mpg & 98 g / km are the CO2 emissions. Car buyers get to select from either a 6 – speed manual or 6 – speed automatic gearbox.

The fuel consumption of a Fiat Tipo can be as less as 4. 1 L / 100 km. Top speed happens to be 124 mph while the fuel economy is said to be 64. 2 mpg for EU Urban & 76. 3 mpg when combined.


Safety aspects of Fiat Tipo

Safety has been the one of the best features of Fiat Tipo as one will come across 6 air bags, rear parking sensors, cruise control, remote central locking, rear – view camera among other features.

Dimensions of Fiat Tipo

Dimensions of Fiat Tipo are as follows 1. 49 m H x 4. 54 m L x 1. 79 m W. And the boot space is 520 L with turning radius being 11 m.

Trims of Fiat Tipo

Tipo comes in 2 variants namely, Fiat Tipo Hatch – back & Fiat Tipo Estate or that Fiat Tipo Saloon.

Price of Fiat Tipo

Fiat Tipo range starts at $ 18, 250.

For more information on Fiat Tipo, click on the following link to be directed to the official website of Fiat –

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