Ferrari GTC4LUSSO 2017 Review

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Ferrari GTC4LUSSO 2017 is the car of the year in which you get to experience the world of innovation, performance and true sport. Ferrari has brought out one of the most and best cars recently that makes your drive smooth without leaving sporty feel. In case you wish to know more about this new addition of Ferrari GTC4LUSSO 2017 then keep reading to know price of Ferrari GTC4LUSSO features and performance of GTC 4 Lusso.

2017 Ferrari GTC4LUSSO features

GTC4LUSSO on the outside

Ferrari made its GTC4LUSSO based on its principles but adding advanced technologies as well. As a result you get to use shooting brake coupe besides sculpted lines, twin rear lights, large single grille and of course there is more space for luggage to fit in besides it being a four seater car rather than two seater.

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Interior specifications of Ferrari GTC4LUSSO

Sporty and luxury are two words that are defined perfectly in this latest addition to the fleet of Ferrari cars in India and worldwide.

It is so because on the inside of GTC4 LUSSO 2017 version you find dual cockpit architecture that makes driving a pleasure.

You also find that driver and passenger cockpit have been separated thus it means that there are controls for both of them to use without disturbing the other person.

In this GTC 4 Lusso sports luxury car you see that steering wheel fits itself in a right manner while this is because of new smaller airbag.

Controls come in new shape, position and function thus leading to a more comfortable use of them.

Innovative engine of Ferrari GTC4LUSSO

Go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3. 4 seconds whereas maximum revs are 8, 250 rpm. You get to have 697 Nm at 5, 750 rpm which on other hand you get to see 1, 750 rpm at the lower revs. Therefore you will be able to use this vehicle in city as well as those long journeys. Ferrari made GTC 4 Lusso with a 6 – in – 1 exhaust for best performance on the road.

Apart from that you get to see that the emission is only 0. 51 g Co2 per km per cv but for FF it is 0. 55 g. V12 power train means that you get to drive a car which has been made for the city as well as the outdoors.

GTC4 Lusso happens to have F140 65 degree V12 engine from the house of Ferrari and providing 681 bhp apart from697 Nm of torque.

Ferrari GTC4LUSSO price in India

In India price of Ferrari GTC4 LUSSO is between Rs. 4. 91 crore and Rs. 5 crore. Hence we would say that such superb features of Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in India would leave a driving experience to remember for ever.

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