Datsun GO plus Introduction

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Datsun is going to celebrate third anniversary in India in April 2017. Datsun was launched with hatchback, and got succeeded in the Indian market, company lined up its multi-purpose vehicle soon for launch. This was the second car in the line-up company and its target is to take over Indonesia and in Indian market. MPV talk about last couple of years and this model was designed by manufacturers in two categories.

Car has been quite similar to hatchback model. A number of trims were launched in this model and customers have an option to choose. This model has sub-four meters concession rule in the Indian market with some advantages. Mpv Category cars are quite from Nissan-backed Datsun Go Plus model, which is already popular

Datsun GO plus Exterior

Datsun Go Plus has a stretched variant of the Go Hatchback. It copies the front face as the overall shape. Width of the car is 1.6 meters, 1.4 meters height, wheelbase of the car has been made 2450 mm. Overall dimensions of the car are 3.95 meters, which makes it qualify under the sub-four meters rule. A part from these features, overall styling has been kept almost similar to the hatchback. The design has been kept in such a way that the styling appeals to the Indian lovers and make it suitable with MPV segment.

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Datsun GO plus Interior

Datsun has best features of the car. It has within the range, front row and middle row offers ample legroom. Headroom and space for the shoulders, car scores brownie points in this category. The seat has sufficient padding; Interior design of Datsun Go Plus soothing has eye and which has color combinations. Colors on the dashboard and styling have a priority. Hyundai Grand i10 scores are compared to Datsun model which has expectations. Front dashboard brand would slightly in future to meet the demands of the Critical Indian customer. Datsun higher than Grand i10 .it has one of the trump cards of the model.

It is difficult to compare another car from recent past which offers combination which has large boot space within the price range. However, once the third row of seats is opened up, you should well ignore the left of the spacious boot space

Engine and Transmission

Datsun Go Plus has been provided with 1.2 liters tri-cylinder mill, which produces 67bhp power at a torque output of 114Nm. Model can be charge up to 100 kilometers per hour from rest in 13.89 seconds. Five-speed transmission system is not a prompt for MPV range.

Performance and Handling

Datsun Go Plus gives a pleasant handling which has both higher and lower speeds. Credit goes to the 155/70 R13 Strata wheels. Cars have to maintain an ideal power to weight ratio which is perfect composer even on roads.

Braking system

Standard brakes on the Datsun Go Plus of the job are pretty wonderfully. It is used in an emergency or under city usage, car performed beyond expectations as the braking system is concerned.


The 1198 cc Petrol which delivers a fuel economy of 18 kmpl in city and 20 kmpl on highways

Safety Features

Car does not come with an ABS, brakes placed in a good job; ABS has now become a standard which supports roads which has safety of cars in the modern generation. Standard security features have included in the MPV smart option which has first place


Datsun Go Plus trying for spacious options which can look moderately affordable range, There is a better option which has MPV from Datsun. It has some features at their price which makes good value for money.


Datsun GO+ Range starts from 3, 84,016 and available with colors of Blue, White, Grey, and Ruby

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